To launch Target's Back to College campaign we created "The First Dorm Makeover Series"

30-somethings buying their first home have HGTV, and 20-somethings moving into their first apartment have Apartment Therapy, but for college students moving into their first space of their own there was no resource to authentically inspire dorm room interior design and styling. From this insight, the idea was born: Best Year Ever - a dorm makeover reality show. Featuring real college students, real dorm rooms, a real interior designer: Veronica Valencia, and real YouTube influencers as mentors; Target created had their most successful Back to College campaign to date. Inspiring students with real tips and tricks to make their space their own and set them up for their Best Year Ever.


Directed by: Bunim/Murray (creators of MTV's Real World)

Episodes 1-4 // Nolan -  Upperclassman Living in Single

Episodes 5-8 // Ronnie & Steven -  Two Roommates with opposite tastes

Episodes 9-12 // Solia & Emily -  Best Friend Roommates

Episodes 13-16 // Jennifer -  Moving Off-Campus