Country star Luke Bryan writes songs in real-time for fans based on their whatever topic they request.

I often wondered what the best thing you could possibly receive from an artist you love would be. Sure you could get an shout-out, VIP access to a show, if you were real lucky a selfie with them. But since the day I started on Target's More Music campaigns, I believed the greatest gift would be from their gift: music. A song written by them, just for you. I pitched this idea to many artists over the years and the only one brave enough to say yes was Luke Bryan. So, to launch the country superstar latest album "Kill The Lights", we created the "Lukebox". The ambitious campaign had fans' requesting songs to the #LukeBox on Twitter. In real-time Luke would write the music and lyrics based on fans request, and we worked tirelessly to edit the performance of the brand new and original songs back to the fans. All this was done in under 10 minutes for each song. Rinse and repeat.

Greg Brunkalla